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User Agreement

By downloading the Smart Streamz app:

  • You are wholly responsible for the download of Smart Streamz and any 3rd party content you access via this app, including any Kodi Builds, Kodi Addons, Apps and any IPTV links you may choose to use.
  • You are wholly responsibility for any content you view via the Smart Streamz app and you agree that we are not liable for any content considered offensive, abusive, libellous, obnoxious, inaccurate, deceptive, unlawful or otherwise distressing.
  • You accept full responsibility for ascertaining whether any content you access via Smart Streamz is legal to access in the country you reside.  If in doubt, you should refrain from accessing content which you suspect to be in breach of copyright agreements.


  • The Smart Streamz app merely acts as a configuration tool which automates the installation of 3rd party Kodi Builds, Apps and Retro Games.  It also indexes hyperlinks to media posted by other webmasters which are outside of our control.
  • In its provided form, Smart Streamz is a legal app, but users should be fully aware of any governing laws relating to them and any alterations and amendment they make to the hardware or software.  Any alterations or amendments are solely at the choice and responsibility of the user.
  • We do not attempt to control, censor, or block any indexed material that may be considered offensive, abusive, libellous, obnoxious, inaccurate, deceptive, unlawful or otherwise distressing neither do we accept responsibility for this content or the consequences of such content being made available.
  • Material may be inappropriately described or subject to restrictions such as copyright, licensing and other limitations. It is the user’s sole responsibility to comply with any or all lawful obligations arising from such material coming into their possession and, thus mitigate any alleged transgression. All users undertake to comply with the national laws applicable to the country they reside in and observe the rights inherent in any copyright material whilst upholding the rights of any copyright owner.
  • We do not host, provide, store or distribute media of any kind and Smart Streamz merely acts as a download tool for 3rd party ‘Kodi Builds’ and Apps hyperlinks to other 3rd party sources of content.
  • We are not affiliated with any 3rd party providers of Kodi Builds, Apps and stream sources.  We therefore have no control whatsoever for the content they provide.